Logic Pro: How to set up for recording | lynda.com tutorial

This Logic Pro tutorial explores how to set up for recording live audio using Assets. Watch more at http://www.lynda.com/Logic-Pro-9-tutorials/essential-trai…
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This is a great video! I have a microphone connected to my audio interface
that is in turn connected to my computer. To record my voice, is it better
to raise the input gain on the channel strip higher than the input gain on
the interface, or the other way around, to get the best quality? Thanks.?

@HighTekControl have u gone into the ogic pro in top corner then audio and
checked ur input and output settings correctly?

What should i do if i wanted to record audio coming from my computer’s
soundcard? I have a software instrument that i cannot use as a VST nor can
i route it to Logic, is there a way i can set up Logic to record the audio
coming out from my computer’s soundcard while i’m playing my MIDI keyboard?
I have a firewire soundcard, not sure if it might be helpful. Thanks a lot!

That was a hell of a guitar riff there!

how did u connect your guitar?

yes!! also need help with this!!!

@crix0807 I hope you guys aren’t having the same problems as well

Great vid, any chance you can tell me how to change the output on the
tracks, as it seems to be disabled, have side-chain compression in mind but
cant send to the Auxillary

lol.. yeah i was looking for her =P

I have a problem i can see the red R sign on my tracks to record do you
know why

Im having problems with logic. I have a mixer plugged into the mac through
USB. Logic pro picks it up and recognizes it, and also records it, but it
won’t play back any audio on the program. also when the mixer is plugged in
i can’t hear any software instruments as well. Can someone help me please!

You need an audio interface & a good mixer probably with a preamp. An
interface is necessary.

Are you activating the track to record, by clicking on R?

I have an onyx 1220i with is firewire based analog mixer im not sure how to
make each track on a difrent input figuring i have 12 on my mixer

Perfect explanation Love the Video!!