Logic Pro X Tutorial – Mastering/Mixing Tutorial/Tips

Hey Guys and Gals! Hope your all doing fine and well!

Here’s a tutorial on mastering a track. I originally wanted this video to be short but I don’t think it’s possible when talking about mastering šŸ™‚ hence the 47 minute video.

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An audio mastering tutorial excerpt showing you how to analyse your audio tracks. The mistake many producers do, is they only look at peak levels when doing audio mastering.

Voxengo SPAN (If you don’t have RMS level monitoring in your DAW): http://www.voxengo.com/product/span/

Ozone 6 : http://goo.gl/bnKrda
I was on Ozone then Ozone 5. Lovin’ it so far. It has helped me get my tracks into TV.

Say hello to me: http://www.audiomentor.com


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Hey ! A tip on why you should master a second time after mixing and mastering is done on the main track.. Bounce it.. Import it, as an audio. Then what i use is isotope To bring up Clarity or make it a bit more base sound.. Depends on what you are doing.. Enjoy !! :D?


hey how do u do it so you don't go back to the beginning of the song when you pause on looping mode???


but if the end result is crap it is pointless to use all the different effects if the result does not change?


Hello . I'm. Very like to learn it. What's the program for remix. And where to get the beat v.v….. thank you ?


God that last guy was such an asshole jesus christ. Thank you for this! It was a really nice perspective on things. I found it quite helpful :)?


Whats up bro. That sounds really talented. Do you have an email address??


Louder music always sound better. Here's a tip taken from my list of audio mastering tips. ?