Maschine Tutorial – Mixing Tips for Wide, Full Drums

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In this video for Native Instruments Maschine, learn several mixing and arranging tips to make your drums sound full and wide across the stereo spectrum.

I go through my process of layering and mixing drum sounds in the context of a specific project. First, I layer snare sounds and use panning to widen the sound. Then, I show how several hi-hat samples can be used, each one with a different pan setting. I move on to talk about additional drum elements such as miscellaneous percussion and a crash symbol.

I also cover several ideas relating to effects. Chorus can be used to achieve a wide sound, and a beat delay can be set to echo a sound back and forth between left and right channels. To finish the drums, I add some slight reverb and a Waves Stereo Imager to the drum group.

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Andrew, great video along with all of your others! I use MASCHINE and absolutely love it. Question about your kick drum: I'm having trouble getting my kicks to "knock". I've experimented with side chain/ NY compression but i feel like they are still missing something. Do you have any suggestions? Maybe layering more or EQ technique?  Thanks, keep the videos coming!!?


pretty good like always !!! more videos on chords with hip hop!?


Definitely, dope tutorial Andrew. So you can use the Choke group to link 2 sounds together? Is that the only way??


Do you or ADSR Sounds have any tips/vids on learning how to finger drum? To actually get to use this great sounding drums?


is there anyway for me to use those drum samples for a daw and where can i get those?