Midi vs. Audio Recording Tutorial – TD12 vDrums Brain Sounds vs. Superior Drummer 2

Midi vs. Audio Recording Tutorial - TD12 vDrums Brain Sounds vs. Superior Drummer 2

I got so much response on my channel and a lot of questions referring to the equipment I use, how Midi works, how Superior Drummer sounds like… Well, I tho…
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i would like to know a few things.i would appreciate any truthful
answers.does usb 2.0 carry only 2 channels or can you record 8 simultanius
tracks like drums? will midi allow for individual track or just left right
? this is confusing and no one cares at all to talk about how to get 8
channels at once into computer.meaning 8 individual tracks that can be
edited individually.thanks?

Very helpful. Sorted everything out and much more. Thank you?

Great stuff. The only explanation that worked for me. Thank you!

@MrMichaelSchwark Ha ha. Can’t believe you said Betty. That’s the very
album i own. The only Helmet album. Just had to put in on. Lol. Thanks for
offering to help out in the future. Wilma’s Rainbow….. class song!!

@rabbb78 Hi there, first of all, thx for the compliments and I am glad you
dig that. I actually used the EZ Drummer Expansion ROCK/ POP. What you have
to know is that all the EZ Drummer Expasions CAN be combined with Superior
Drummer as well.

Do you use a stereo cinch cable? If so, you would not want to double
tracks! The panning itself is defined with the signal out!

Hey Cal! Just make sure to open configuration and choose a proper audio out
setup. You might also want to look for asio4all audio drivers to reduce
latency to a max! Have fun!

@dreaminginnoother heyhey, unfortunately i dont knwo whether this is better
or not in ableton. this track here i recorded simply by listening to the
guitar track on headphones and playing along it, it was a quick number as i
lacked time back then, unfortunately, because i love the track. it was one
of the last songs of my former band, thebrokenfaithinsaints, there is a
live version on yt, if you like to hear a comparism to that, just type
thebrokenfaithinsaints + untitled!

Yeah, hahaha. I know, this is somewhat akward. My English has been better
once. Nevertheless..glad I could help! It took me some time to get used to
working with this kind of equipment! Buena suerte!

I have a td-4, and i am trying to use AD sounds in midi because they sound
better than the roland sets on my module. The issue I have though, is
comping tracks in midi is a pain in the ass. Is that not true for ableton,
or are you just so good you don’t need to comp tracks?

Ah i see. so the snare sound isn’t actually being generated by the TD-12
drum brain. Ok. Shame, that’s just the sound i’m looking for really. That
sort of Helmet / early Silverchair sound. Ideally, i want the Tomas Haake
(from Meshuggah) snare sound. Unfortunatly i don’t have any sample software
or any means of recording yet. I know nothing about linking the TD-12 to a
PC. I merely have a custom kit on TD-12 of sounds that i like. Looking
forward to learning all this stuff in the future though.

@rabbb78 Well, yeah, hell, Wilma is a great track, buuuuuuuuut you should
def. give Strap it On and Meantime a chance. One of their most underrated
albums is the very album after which they split (waht a shame) – it’s
called Aftertaste and it defines a new standard of rock drumming!

@rabbb78 It’s funny you mention the snare, because only for the snare I
created an X-Drum inside SD, which means I routed the original ROCK/ POP
snare to a snare sample which is part of another SD expansin kit. In this
case it is namely a Ludwig piccolo snare out of the Allaire Expansion
(available only for SD, not EZD).

@Russ88765 Hey Russ! Well, there might be an official DEMO, please refer to
google and look up the Toontrack website. If there is no DEMO I suggest
buying EZDrummer for a first try and test SD at a local store. Before
buying you should try BFD2, too. It might meet your sound expectations a
little more than SD does, I don’t know but would actually suggest comparing
both. Greetz from Berlin!

Good but the guitar is drowning out the drums bro.

I dig that – indeed šŸ™‚ 7:05 That was a great video and a huge help me.
Thank you very much

very cool, man. Can you tell me you computer specs and how much latency
with that Tascam? thanks

@rabbb78 I know exactly what you mean. I started the same way, half a year
ago. Biut I promise you, it’s easy as hell. Choose a sequencer (Ableton 8
is great!), buy an external sound device and a MIDI cable…start
experimenting. I am in the holy search for the grail, too :-). I am looking
for the betty snare sound (Helmet). Well, I am somewhat close now
but…it’s not sharpen enough…I’ll surely get it some day, I know. If you
need help in the future…I get back here many times a week!

Hey there! Usually I play on click. I stop when realizing I am not on beat
and start from the scratch. If I do not care I just jam and then I usually
just decide by heart what to keep and what to trash. You could watch some
of my TD12 vids to get an ompression where this kind of working method
leads. I would not want to give bad advice :-)!

@rabbb78 …you should google parallel compression and learn how to mix it,
quite easy, if i can do that, you can do that, too. i am a technical idiot!
greetz from berlin! micha

yeah i duuug theeaat …. ha ha

I thought the TD-12 sounded quite good until i heard the SD2 sounds. I have
to get SD2 now. What was the TD-12 snare sample and settings you used on
this video? Thanks Great drumming by the way!.