Mixing And Mastering A Track From Scratch [Part 01]

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Does this apply to big room edm drops and things of that nature??

"See the difference?" Me: Nope.. I guess I'm deaf :(?

Whats the programme called? I wanna start mixing and producing my own music but i have no idea where or how to start.. which one is the best programme to start with? 
Thanks! :)?

Hi, I don't agree with putting EQ before the Compressor, in the effects rack…why would you enhance some frequencies, with the EQ and than cut them down with the compression? i prefer to compress the sound to equalize all frequencies, than boost up some more interesting ones, did someone understand my point??

High Quality EQ is more important that Christmas LOL I cracked up. Great tutorial?

What do you have on your master? Because it doesn't seem like you lowered the volume of the invidual tracks, like you should, still theres no clipping on the master volume. How come??

Translation: mixing and mashing a heap of toneless shit together. End.?

Im fine with talking quietly and shit, but if youre gonna talk so low then dont make the music volume so high!?

Great tips about shaving the low end and getting some gain reduction for increasing headroom. 
How do you find the ableton standard plugs compared to waves etc??