Mixing and Mastering in Logic Tips Tricks Suggestions (for beginners)

Here are a few quick tips on how I mix and Master my tracks. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Remember, these aren’t hard-set rules. Mixing and mastering takes time, patience, and fresh ears. Don’t mix for hours on end. take small breaks every now and again. let your ears refresh as well as your mind. sounds dumb, but i swear….. it works. =)

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you always talk during music??


this would be so much easier to watch & learn from if your voice wasn't horrendously nasal & monotone… try a cup of coffee or something before narrating one of these :/?


how do u know what trax to mix in mono or mix in stereo?


hey dude just have a quick question. I have been trying to use logic compressors to even out my vocals but I dont seem to get vocals evened out. Would appreciate you help on this matter. I am able to get good compression with cubase compressors but I dont seem to know how to use the logic compressors it seems……?


Thanks man! I mix and master kind of like you. Definitely agree that if the mix sounds good low it will sound great loud. Also, thanks for the tip on the drum and snare. I'll be getting Logic soon after I purchase my Vocal Booth and will use some of these techniques mixing and mastering my album. Thank You again :)?


how do you guys set it up so that when you select a track it magnifies it like in this video??


Pretty radical that – switching off just about all utilities on the track.  I decided to try that after watching your vid, and there was a big difference, a pleasant one.  I still keep the reverbs and other effects on, but switch off the compression, limiters, multipressors. 

Thanks for that man.?


@mrdudemusic what program is this???


After having done this, do you bounce your track in MP3 or in AIFF format ? Because the first bounce I do (either AIFF and MP3 format) is ALWAYS with a very low volume, so I used to bounce in AIFF format first, then add the dynamics, the limiter ect directly on the audio file… And it worked for all the tracks I did except the last one: it always sounds soo bad 🙁 I really don't get what I'm missing to do ahah so maybe with your technique and some more tips I can find out the solution :)?