PreSonus LIVE—Recording Your First Song with AudioBox Studio

Justin Spence shows you how to record your first song using the AudioBox Studio, which includes the AudioBox USB interface, HD7 Headphones, M7 Microphone, an…
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Hey Brandon Kreinhop, when you get your new computer and install Studio
One, you can get your serial number from your my.presonus.com account.
Thanks! ?

I’m an up and coming rapper and ima buy this explain how I make my beats?

I just bought the Studio One Artist to Professional upgrade. I may have a
problem though. I bought the upgrade from Artist Version 1 to Professional.
Im not sure if i have artist version 1 or 2. If i do have version 2 will
the upgrade work or will i have to replace it??

can’t even get the metronome to work. Coool.?

Hey Justin, great video. I just bought the package your using. I’ve been
using Studio One for about a year now and decided to stick with it based on
the quality of effects and ease of use. Anyways I just want to say thanks
for the video. I learned more watching your half hour video than the hours
of video’s I’ve watched to this point. I notice you have another component
on a rack behind your Audio Interface. Is that a monitor switch to go from
headphones to monitor speakers? Thanks I’m definitely a subscriber from
here on out! Great song to by the way.?

Hello there, I got the AudioBox iTwo, and Studio One as a gift for
Christmas. I play guitar in a little band, and we were hoping to use this
to try and make some demos or just record ideas. That being said, I’m not
very tech savvy when it gets down to the nitty gritty stuff. Following the
first five minutes of this guide, I must say it seems like a solid
walkthough, but when I try to play my guitar into the program or even make
any sort of audible noise (i.e. the click track), I don’t get any audio.
Using the click track example, I set up my metronome exactly as instructed
in this video, and hit play, I see the track sweep going across my tracks
but not audible click track is playing. My volume mixer isn’t picking up
and kind of audio out of the program either. I’m sorry if I don’t make any
sense, but some help would be much appreciated! Not sure if its an issue
with drivers or something like that, but if anyone could help!?

have my headphones plugged into my interface and I hear a high pitched
static and it drives me crazy. how can I fix this? also I cant figure out
how to get the metronome to make sound. because I cant hear it. or when its
counting off?

Is there a way to record my guitar through an amp so I can get its effects
or do I have to depend only on StudioOne’s effects? My amp doesn’t have an
output, just a footswitch connection.?

I just got my USB audio box studio and I have to say I am itching to
starting recording like that and mixing my music like a boss.Thanks for the

I’ll buy obmne later this day 🙂 I’m pretty impressed;) thanks for this

audio box just came in with someother stuff<3 agh im so excited.?

I started to watch this video excited to follow it step-by-step and
unfortunately stopped at 3:10 because the Input 1 on my Audiobox USB
doesn’t work. Input 2 is working, and I can use the M7 and my guitar in
this channel. But what’s the point if you are supposed to have 2 channel,
right? I wonder what could explain the sudden failure on Input 1 if I have
used my Audiobox USB maybe 10-15 times since I bought it one year ago? I’m
not very happy. My unit hasn’t experienced any sort of damage or
disturbance, it’s always standing straight in my clean and well organised
desk and now I can’t use it? I hope you guys from PreSonus can help me to
figure it out. I already reinstalled Audiobox VSL, tried to make it work on
StudioOne and GarageBand. Input 1 is dead. :(?

This is very helpful! I just got my Audiobox USB system yesterday. I have
much to learn, but this makes it easier!?

+CORY WOLF #Music Producer , Sorry you’re having this experience, this can
be caused by a few different things – please check out this article on
troubleshooting noise in the AudioBox: http://bit.ly/1fgEGka?

Hi i just purchased both an audiobox and a tubePRE. i was wondering if
these two products go hand in hand? I was told that i’d be going from
Mic>>>tubePRE>>>audiobox>>> and then my laptop!

After doing research i’m wondering if i can just go Mic>>>audiobox>>>then
laptop. Please let me know how this would work and if i need the tubePRE or
not. thank you.
I’m using a bluebird microphone by the way. ?

Hey, thanks for the great video! I have a yamaha keyboard in wich i used
both the imputs on my audio box. How to i get both left and right in one
track? I cant figure it out…?

can you replace that usb supplied cable with a Monster cable;and what size
would you need? Just wondering? Thanks.?

This is an exceptional lesson, thank you so much for taking the time to
make it. I had no idea how powerful Studio One was, and almost fell off
the chair when I saw the capability to convert a guitar track into midi,
and then from there switch the instrument and transpose it down an octave.
I am never going to leave my house after this! Added bonus, I love your
dog :)?

That was an awesome lesson on AudioBox. I am buying one and you have just
confirmed my decision….Thanks and God bless you brother,

Got this set today and it doesnt let you download melodyne anymore, says
page not found. and also hissing is a problem on mic and when im recording
my first guitar track, stops when i open a second guitar track?

best review/ tutorial I’ve seen for the audio box, many thanks.?

How do I upload the files anyone?? I can’t upload mp3’s?

Awesome video! Very helpful information!
Can you tell me how I could record live stuff with this presonus package?
Is there a way I could plug the audiobox into a soundboard to record live
audio? ?

What do ya do if you have to take out the studio one software;and then have
to re-install it for some reason and you have trouble logging back into
your account? Had computer trouble a while back;and just got it
re-installed this past week;and troubles arose in logging back into