Sony Vegas Tutorial – Audio, Recording, & Automation

Download this tutorial in hi-quality here: http://www.mediafire.com/?6mdtngjutsu This tutorial for Sony Vegas helps you understand the audio layout, and what…
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how would i go about giving the audio the sound of like a radio
transmission / the grainy blue lines movig up a wiggly screen?

In any of the videos I upload to youtube, It get’s blocked in Germany. It
says something about Audio Copyright of Sony Vegas… Do you know anything
about this and how to solve it?

very good as usaully. im gradually getting how to utilize this program to
its best. i love your vids!

question here .. i mixed 3 song and want to make it .mp3 or .wma and when
im recording its recording my mic … so quality is bad if i record the
song from my speaker to my mic ! is there any other way to record it 100%
quality ?

erm ive got this clip ive recorded which i wanna put music in the
background of but i didnt turn sound off and its got me clicking in the
background how can i delete the clicking sound without deleting the actual
clip? plz help me

How do I make it so my recordings are louder? I turned up the thing on the
right. It went up a little, But I NEED it to be louder 🙁 HELP!

Thank you very much! nice and clear tutorial 🙂

How do you render audio only? I tried to edit some audio and it said:
“There is no template available for this format. The selected media may not
support it. Try again?”

i dont have all those audio plug ins @2:10 :/

I have this video with a sound track, but I also have a seperate audio
track and the keep colliding. How can I fix it?

dude make one about slow motion and fast motion

Awesome, I was trying to figure out how to fade the music in my video and
this helped. Thanks.

Which windows skin/theme are you using?

thank you so much!! you really helped me!! =)


<-- New to vegas, how do I cut the audio track in half like that?

how can i mute the “music of videos” we upload in sony and play only “song”
at background of videos i make..?:O

It isn’t necessary to make an entire tutorial dedicated to such a simple
task. It would take me 1 minute to explain it. It’s not an effect, you grab
the edge of your clip until you see a wavy line, and drag it left or right.

I have a problem with my recording in sony vegas … I have a Behringer C-1
(microphone) and if I speak in him I can hear myself in the speakers but in
sony vegas I don’t hear myself not even when I record myself .. there’s
nothing there .. nothing audio . What to do ?