VIDEO AULA CUBASE 5.1 Tutorial 01

Curso ministrado por Rosthand, produtor musical, arranjador, pianista e tecladista. Maiores informações www.rosthand.com.br
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Cubase 5 Tutorial – Lesson 24: Import Video
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Valeu meu mano gostei muito desta Aula!?

Não estou conseguindo reconhecer meu controlador MIDI (Korg MicroKey37). Tem uma dica? Muito bom seu vídeo.?

som DA MÚSICA DE FUNDO alta demais!?

Hum…..  a parte do 5.1 mesmo  nem tchummm….  e cade o resto  fiquei mais no ar!!!!!?

O melhor tutorial, a melhor didática para ensinamento . Parabéns Rosthand. Onde posso ver os outros videos??

olá é possivel criar um atalho no teclado para um ´´arranger´´? obrigado?

Quando eu vou gravar uma segunda faixa, ela fica desalinhada com o tempo da primeira como posso resolver isso?

cubase no acepta kontakt 5.2?? como adciono no cubase?

mto legal amigo!! queria te fazer uma pergunta derrepente vc pode me ajudar!! comprei um motif xf7 e veio o cd do cubase ai 5…faço todas as opiçoes de instalaçao no site da stanberg porem nao consigo achar o serial pra que possa instalar em definitivo!! o que estou fazendo de errado por favor? deus te abençoe


Hi–you can't edit video in Cubase, only the audio. So, your function is "Replace Audio in Video."  Left-click on File > Replace Audio in Video. You'll be prompted to select the video first, and then the audio file. BE SURE to keep a back up of your original video in case there is corruption!?

Hi – 
I have Cubase 5 but I don't see 'Video' in the Event Display section of 'Preferences'. Is there anything I should be doing to enable this? Thanks.?

for some reasons i cannot import my mp4 videos into cubase 7. please help!!!!!!?

Harsha, great question. Totally annoying problem. No video playing means Cubase doesn't support the video file. I'm surprised you even get the audio. Make sure you have QuickTime installed on your system. Also, one other player in addition to WMP is recommended, like VLC, a universal tiny little app that never interferes with your other programs and settings. Even if you don't use these as your default players, Steinberg uses QuickTime in their engine, and this will usually solve the problem.?

I have various issues with this, so it would be really helpful if you helped me out, here. Sometimes, Cubase imports the video file, but it's completely blank in the thumbnails, the video plays, but the audio fails to play, sometimes accompanied by the error message, "Could not extract audio stream 1 of file". Other times, Cubase imports only the audio file, and I can't see any video playing. Can you please help me troubleshoot? Thank you.?

Please but how do you export the video out of cubase?

why when I import a video i dont see the video storyboard? :(?

Any idea why there is no audio when i import video into Cubase LE4 ??

Francois, regarding your question about why you can't see your video in the Cubase project screen: Cubase is quite fussy regarding video formatting. If, when you're importing the video, you see that it has 0 x 0 pixels in the info window, this is a clue that your video format or video/audio encoding are not compatible. You may need to reoutput your video in a compatible format / codec. You may also need to uninstall other video players on your system; this has helped me in the past, but not consistently enough for me to recommend as a definite solution.?

Using Cubase 5, Inside the "Video Player" section I don't see anything… although I've installed QuickTime software… :-(?

hi Ros.  whenever i import a video it ends up a 1mm line. The video is not stretched across the length of the track. eg if video is 9seconds long it shows a line less than 1 sec (i guess) any ideas what i should do??

#Spidervis . It's Better to be safe than Sorry ….?

please i need Cubase 5 skin file to open mine pls u can send it here augustine_wiafe@yahoo.com ?

You don't need to "Apply and OK" everytime. Only OK is enough. And thanks for your time.?