Zoom H4n Field Recording Tutorial Help Demo Handy Recorder

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real nice explanation of this product. I’m a new owner of the Zoom H4N and
will be watching all of your vids. THX?

Thank you David for you tutorial. I have ordered my Zoom H4n recorder and
I’m looking forward to receiving it in a few days. Your video has given me
the confidence that I have made a good choice. Long may you continue doing
tutorials. ?

Hi mate… I have the H4N and only use it for voice recordings that I
attach to videos… This is for personal and YouTube use and I am having
issues with hiss in the recordings. (obviously I can remove it in post,
but trying to minimise that as much as possible)

I have the recording levels set to -12db peek or slightly less. I have the
recording type set to waveform 16bit. I hope you can help.

Many thanks and great video.?

Great to the point tutorial. Thanks so much!?

You do a really nice job explaining ! Very helpful information. Thank you ?

My computer is telling me that the USB port in my H4n is not recognized. I
cannot get it to open like usual. Any advice??

Thank you so much for posting these. I do dslr video but Im a complete noob
when it comes to sound. The zoom h4n tutorials are so helpful!

you know what you are talking abaut!!!! and an awsome review!

for the price, this thing should record line level signals but
unfortunately it does not. Mine’s going back for a trade in on the Roland
R-26….the sound is decent but not worth doing cartwheels over .its not
worth $300 in IMHO

Does it work on ZOOM Q3HD?

At what FPS (Frames per Second) does the Zoom H4n Record? I’ve looked over
the net and have not found a solid answer. Any help would be appreciated.

I will check out your postings, fractalfires. I appreciate your help.

Great Video , I bought one and by the time it got here I fugured it out One
question : What is the easiest way {in 4 channel mode} to seperate the
stereo INPUT file so when I drop that file in garageband I can have them as
two tracks ?.

“Well, the most obvious application for the H4N is to use it to record
audio…” Yes, thanks for that insight. And there was I was going to use it
as a coaster or an ash tray.

awesome teaching and metaphors. thanks much

Hello, My Zomm doesnt show on the menu the options: Project, Effects,
Tools, Mode, Recording Format, Metronome. Do you know why?…

Great Tutorial, but the cam work makes me dizzy. Urrrp

Dude, great tutorial…but how bout numbering them so we don’t have to
search for the correct order.